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How do I volunteer?
Just call the LHSA Administrator or President, or come by or call the LHSA office. We will get you started!

Risk Management Form
LHSA and its parent organization, NTSSA, have required all coaches, managers, referees and other volunteers to fill-out the Volunteer Application form, commonly referred to as the Risk Management Form, which was used to check the background on our volunteers to protect the children from exposure to unsavory characters.  We now have a better method of doing this with an ONLINE form---which makes it easier to use, avoids the existence of paper containing any confidential information which had to flow through the LHSA office (we will now only receive notification of only approval, pending or rejection), allows the clearance determination to be obtained immediately by the volunteer, and can be done well in advance of the required deadline(we will not be giving out Volunteer cards to anyone who has not been cleared through the new system). ALL COACHES, MANAGERS, ADULT REFEREES AND OTHER VOLUNTEERS ARE REQUIRED TO  COMPLETE THIS FORM FOR EACH SOCCER YEAR (AUG. 1st - JULY 31st).   If you have not completed the Risk Management Form for the current soccer year, please continue reading below for more details on this confidential, easy to use system, and to find the link to the online site for completion of this form.

Once you complete your registration, your information will be uploaded by the LHSA office to Got Soccer.  An email will then be sent to the email address on your registration and will include a Link, a Login ID and Password that you wil use to complete your background check.  There are a few important things to note:

(1)  You should get an almost immediate response on your screen of the determination (accepted, rejected, or pending); DO NOT  close your browser until you get that response or you will not know the result of your background check (although LHSA will get the determination without any details).  During busy times it may take a minute or more, but the normal response time is less than 5 seconds.

(2)  The background check is very detailed (it includes any traffic tickets you might have received); therefore, if you receive a "pending" or "under review" message do not panic.  When these are reviewed by the President of NTSSA (LHSA never gets any of this information), they will be cleared within a week or two and you will get a clearance email showing the final determination.  This is why we request you to complete the form at the earliest possible time.
(3)  All questions arising from the background check will be directed to you at the email address you  use in the application form.  MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT BEFORE SUBMITTING THE FORM.  If that email address is incorrect, then you will not get a response communication request for clarification or elaboration as to any issues which need an explanation; the response communication will not contain any confidential information, it will merely indicate a person and phone number to call to discuss.   
(4)  If you DO NOT have your own email address and use someone else's email, then all communication will go to that email address; while LHSA does not wish to receive any such communications, if that is your only option, then you may put in the LHSA office email (lhsaoffice  AT @ instead of AT) and we will try to get the communication to you, so you may call and follow up with the NTSSA representative performing the review process.
Risk Management Form U4 - U19  This link is in the rpocess of being changed and will not be available until after June 1, 2013.

What types of volunteers do we need?
LHSA needs parents (or other soccer-minded adults) to volunteer for the following:

  • Coach / Assistant Coach / Manager
  • League Commissioner
  • Referee (yes -- you can do it!)
  • Tournament volunteers
  • Special Projects
  • School liasons