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The purpose of this page is to supply you with answers to questions many parents/players have asked every season.  

If you do not see your question or you still have questions, please email the office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the office at 214-221-0808 and we will get answers to your questions.

Q.  Can I select the team I want my child to play on?

A.   Only returning players can be placed on their previous team.  A returning player is one that played with that team the previous season.  All others will go into the unassigned pool.  You can request to play with a specific team, coach, or another player in the notes box at the bottom of the online registration form.  If you are not able to use the online registration form, please attach the LHSA Play Up/ Transfer Request form (located on the Forms page) to your paper registration form.

Q.   How often do I have to register?

A.   All players, coaches, and Managers must register every season.


Q.   When do I have to complete the Risk Management  Form?

A.    All coaches, assistant coaches, and Managers  must renew their Risk Management Form every Fall, or if you are a new coach, or manager in the Spring.

Q.    Do I have to register for Recreational and Academy, and what is the cost?

A.    If you are registering for U7-U10, you can register for both Recreational and Academy for the Rec. fee.  If you are registering for Academy Only, the cost will be $90 per season.

Q.    Do I register for Recreational or Competitive?

A.    All players and coaches should register for Recreational to play with LHSA.  The Competitive registration is for Club soccer teams.

Q.    How do I register as a Coach, Assistant Coach, or Manager?

A.     To register as a Coach, Assistant Coach, or Manager is a two step process.  First complete the registration form from the link on the Coaches page to register as the Coach, Asst. Coach, or Manager.  Be sure to print out your registration receipt.  Second, take the User ID and Password from your registration receipt and go to the Volunteer page and complete the Risk Management Form.  Using your ID and Password will keep you from having to re-enter everything you put into the registration form.  The online risk management system will return your results within a few seconds and no one will see your info.

Q.     What is a User ID and Password?

A.     Your User ID and Password is assigned the first time you register.  It is noted on the registration receipt.  Make note of the ID and Password, it will make future registrations quicker and easier.  When you  use use your ID and Password, you will only need to update items like address, phone, email, or grade changes.