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LHSA Disciplinary Actions

The following selected actions, on an anonymous basis, are listed for your information and for precedential value. LHSA is serious about enforcing the rules and conduct of behavior of those involved in LHSA.

2017-2018 Selected Disciplinary Actions:

Players Suspended.  Two Players (one from each team) were suspended one game each for fighting in a U9B game. Both coaches were reprimanded about sportsmanship and controlling their players n the future. No appeal of this ruling was made.

Coach Suspended. Coach suspended for 3 games for inappropriate conduct for continued verbal abuse of assistant referee after repeated warnings about his conduct and for failure to immediately leave the field after the coach was ejected from the game. No appeal of this ruling has been made.

Coach Suspended. Coach was suspended for 3 games for inappropriate conduct during a game for the following infractions.

A. Entering the field of play to dispute a non-call

B. Attempting to remove his team from the field at the time of dispute

C. Re-entering field after ejection to verbally abuse the officials.

After coach appealed the initial suspension, the committee reduced his suspension from 3 games to 1 game.


2016-2017 Selected Disciplinary Actions:

  • Paid Coaching.   Coach failed to submit request for approval of a paid trainer, although the trainer did register and pass a background check.  The parent coach was put on “probation” for the soccer year.  The parent accepted such decision and did not appeal.

  • New Player Resistance.  A team resisted the league’s addition of a new player to the team.  As this made the team more comparable to a “select/competitive” team, the team was sanctioned by making  it ineligible for a trophy or other award from the league for the season.  The team accepted such sanctions and did not appeal.

2015-2016 Selected Disciplinary Actions:

  • Spectator Misconduct.  A parent at a U9 DIAL academy game was sent off after he continued to dissent calls by referee and refused to provide his name after repeated requests by the referee.   The parent was sanctioned by being denied the right to attend the next two (2) games.

  • Illegal Player in Uniform.  A coach was prepared to play a player (suited up in the team’s uniform) not on his current roster, which a pre-game roster check revealed.  The coach was sent-off for that game and  further sanctioned with a two (2) game suspension (if the coach had actually played the illegal player, a minimum 1 year suspension would have been required).

2013-2014 Selected Disciplinary Actions:

  • Coach Dissent and comments to Opposing Players:  A U8 coach was cautioned for dissent (continuing to argue referee calls) and yelling at opposing players on the field.  The coach appeared at an A & D hearing where his actions were discussed and the coach agreed that his actions were inappropriate.  The coach was put on probation and that any additional instances of such behavior would result in harsher snactions.

  • Coach Complaint: A complaint was filed by a parent of the opposing team against a U7 Boys coach for inappropriate language and conduct during a game.  The coach appeared at an A & D hearing and the complaint was discussed.   The coach agreed that his language was not appropriate.  The coach will be closely monitored over the rest of this season and in the Fall season.

  • Coach Suspended:  A U8 coach was sent off during a recent game for Referee abuse and use of inappropriate language.  The coach was warned by the referee on more than one occasion to stop using inappropriate language around his players and spectators.  The coach persisted in using this language and was sent off by the referee in the second half of the game. The coach appeared before the A & D committee and was assessed a 1 game suspension which he accepted and served during the next game.

  • Coach Misconduct:   A U8G coach was sent off by the referee for continued dissent, entering and reentering the field without permission, and use of offensive, insulting or abusive language during the game.  The A & D committee reviewed by the Referee Misconduct Report and met with the coach.    The A & D Committee concluded that  the automatic  one game suspension  for the coach was sufficient sanction and the coach did not appeal.


  • Playing Time; Negative Recruiting:   A grievance was filed by a parent against a U9 Boys coach for: (1) not playing each rostered player the minimum 50% of the game and for negative recruiting by discouraging participation or demanding separation from the team of selected  players.  The A & D Committee convened a meeting with the coach, who appeared and presented his arguments.  The A&D Committee concluded that the coach showed no remorse for the admitted violations and imposed sanctions.  Upon apppeal to the Board, the following ruling was made:
    1.  The coach was suspended from any coaching or training activity (games and practices) for any LHSA recreational  team for the remainder of the current season and for an additional  period of 1 year.
    2.  The coach was prohibited from any further contact with the subject team for the remainder of the season.
    3.  The coach must make a written apology to the player involved.
    4.  The coach must refund all coaching fees  ($460) for the season received from the player’s family.
    5.  The Grievance Fee of $100 was to be paid by the coach  to the complainant.

2011-2012 Selected Disciplinary Actions::

  • Suspension Rules Interpretation.   A DIAL coach was ejected from a game and was assessed the standard one game suspension.  The suspension was appealed because the game was a league scheduled “friendly” game that did not count in the standings.  The decision of the league official was that the nature of the game (whether a league scheduled game that does not count in the standings or one that does counts in the standings) would still require the automatic next game sit-out.   This ruling was based on NTSSA Rules and FIFA rules.  NTSSA rule 3.11.2(2)(b) provides for a Red Card [send-off]:  "One game automatic suspension for the game following an individual’s first league play red card."  Since DIAL organized the match and assigned referees and provided the fields, it was determined that the game was a "league play" match and thus such rule governed the sanctions.  Also, under FIFA Disciplinary Code (2011) Rule 18.4 : "An expulsion automatically incurs suspension from the subsequent match." Rule 38.1 clarifies that a suspension "is carried over from one round to the next round in the same competition."  The competition in question was the fall season for DIAL and, thus, the suspension applied to the next match.   The coach did not appear at the A&D hearing, and the ruling was upheld.  The coach accepted the suspension and served it at the next game. 

  • Team Placement Appeal.  A parent appealed the placement of his son on a team.  Even though the player had played on the requested team prior to the immediate previous playing season, the Commissioner determined that the requested team's roster was full from returning players from the immediately prior season, and therefore, the "returning player" rule was not applicable.   The A & D Committee heard the parent's appeal, but determined that the team that was requested was, by LHSA Rules, at the team limit.  Adding an additional player to the requested team would reduce playing time while leaving another team (to which the player was originally assigned) short of players.  The appeal was denied, but since the child otherwise fit the guideline for the requested team, the A&D Committee determined that he should be given first priority to be placed on that team in the event of an opening or increase in team size for future seasons and that the $100 appeal fee be returned.  The parent accepted the ruling and the player will play on the assigned team.  The fee was refunded.

  •  Nets and Flags Not Stored.     On numerous occasions, team officials failed to take down the nets from the goals and the flags at the fields and to return them to the storage garage as required by the rules for the "last home team" (being the home team of a game if no other teams are waiting to take the field being vacated).  In these cases, the team coach was notified of the rules infraction and asked to serve a sanction of being a Field Marshall at Moss for one-half of a day, which duties included (without limitation): spectator control at the fields; enforcing spectator viewing areas at the Pee-Wee games on Moss #9; cleaning fields of bottles and other trash left by LHSA teams who failed to properly dispose of such trash; other functions requested by LHSA officials at Moss park.  All coaches accepted the sanctions and have completed or made arrangements to complete the sanctions.

  • Coach Dissent   A U12B Interleague coach was ejected from a game for continued dissent.  The A & D Committee (With  representative from the coach's association) assessed a one game suspension, which had been prefiously served by the coach.
  • Parental Dissent:  During a U9B interleague game, the dissent to a refreee's call from a parent resulted in the stoppage of the game to caution the parent.  As the dissent continued, the parent was ejected and asked to leave the field.  The parent initally refused to remove himself beyond the next field, and the game suspension continued until the parent finally moved to the parking lot.  Based on these facts, the A & D Committee assessed a three game suspension.
  • Game Protest:  A U7B coach protested a game result based on the referee's awarding a penalty  kick.  Upon referral to the VP-Referees, it was determined that the referee misapplied  the Rules of LHSA (i.e., no penalty kicks awarded in U7 games), and the error affected the outcome of the game(i.e., the score was 2 to 1 in favor of the team making the penalty kick).  The Division Commissioner and VP-Operations determined to expunge the goal scored by the wrongly awarded penalty kick and the game score was changed to 1 to 1.  The protesting coach accepted such decision without appeal.
  • Parental Altercation:  Parents of a U5G engaged in argument and yelling during the entire game.  This eventually evolved into a physical altercation after the game.  Based on intervention by the A&D Committee, the two parents agreed to a schedule for attendance at the child's practices and games so that only one would be in attendance at any time.  This voluntary arrangement was satisfactory to the A&D Committee. 
  • Coach Dissent; Technical Area Violation:  A U9B coach continually dissented with the referee's decisions.  Also, after having been warned by a LHSA referee official, the coach refused to confine his coaching to the technical area.  After the game the dissent to the referee continued and the LHSA referee official sent him off from the field, but the coach refused to leave and challenged the LHSA referee official.  The A&D Committee determined that this coach's actions, which was the first misconduct reported for this coach, would subject the coach to a two game ban and a required written apology to the team parents for such inappropriate behavior.  The coach agreed to such sanction and complied with same. 
  • Failure to Appear at A&D Hearing A U9B interleague coach challenged the referee's decisions throughout the entire game.  In the second half, the coach was finally sent off the field by the referee.  An A&D hearing was scheduled and the coach was advised to appear; however, the coach failed, without cause to appear.   Based on the sending off offense, the coach was given a one game suspension.   For failure to appear at the A&D hearing, the coach was suspended indefinitely from any future coaching and soccer activities at LHSA until appearance at an A&D hearing and compliance with any applicable sanctions. 
  • Coach Dissent:  A U9B interleague coach showed and voiced dissent with the referee's calls near the end of the game and failed to restrain other team parents from similar dissent.  After the game was completed, the coach continued his dissent and menacing comments toward the referee.  The A&D Committee determined that the coach would be suspended from attending the next scheduled game and would email and apology to all team parents acknowledging the inappropriate behavior and example to the children

2009-2010 Selected Disciplinary Actions:

  • Playing a Non-Rostered Player.  A U8 coach allowed a player who was not on the team roster to participate in team activities, including 2 league games.  The player had not been placed on the official NTSSA Roster or on the unofficial roster on the LHSA system. Even though the parents of the illegal player had told the coach that the player was on the team, it was the coach's responsibility to make absolute sure of the placement before any practices or games with the team.  The coach was suspended from any form of coaching at LHSA for a period of the remaining season and for an additional 1 year period.  Also, all games in which this player participated were forfeited by the team.
  • Illegal Registration.  The parents of a U8 player submitted a falsified birth certificate to the LHSA office and inputted wrong birth date information in the online registration.  The parents also contacted a U8 coach and said that their child had been place on the team by LHSA.  The Board for LHSA determined that the actions were deliberate and premeditated to circumvent the Rules.  The parents have been assessed probation for a period of 2 years.  Any further infractions by the parents during the probation period will lead to additional sanctions, up to and including being banned from LHSA and NTSSA participation.
  • Coach Verbal Abuse to Adult Referee.   A U10G Coach protested referee calls throughout game by words and actions, entered the field of play without permission and used offensive, insulting, and abusive language toward the referee crew during the game.  The Referee sent-off the Coach during the game and the coach continued to insult the referee after the game. After an A&D committee hearing, the Coach was assessed a one game suspension and is on probation for the rest of the season. Any further appearance before the A&D committee will result in further suspensions and sanctions, and the coach has been given explicit instructions and protocol regarding approaching a referee to complain about calls.  The sanctions were accepted by the coach. 
  • Spectator Misconduct/Verbal Abuse to Adult Referee. A U8G Parent used offensive, insulting, and abusive language toward the referee while protesting a referee call. The Referee asked the coach to identify the parent who stood up and again challenged the referee. The referee sent-off the parent who then left the field.  Upon summons to an  A&D committee hearing, the parent was assessed a one game suspension and was also required to write a letter of apology to the referee in question, read it to the parents collectively prior to the next game, and deliver a written copy of it to the LHSA office within 10 days. The sanctions were accepted by the parent.

2008-2009 Selected Disciplinary Actions:

  • Coach Verbal Abuse to Youth Referee.    U-12 Coach protested referee calls throughout game and made a derogatory comment directly to referee after the game.  The Coach has been assessed a one game suspension and is on probation for the rest of the season.  Any further appearance before the committee will result in further suspensions, and the coach has been given explicit instructions and protocol regarding approaching a referee to complain about calls.
  • Coach Misconduct to Referee.   A U10B Coach persistently ridiculed the referee's calls by word and actions and was cautioned for Unsporting Behavior and Dissent. The coach appeared before the A&D committee and was put on probation for the remainder of the Spring season and the Fall season. Any future incidents will result in a two game suspension and additional sanctions. The coach has agreed to the above sanctions.
  • Coach Misconduct to Coach/Referee.    Two (2) opposing U10G Coaches challenged the referee calls and began cursing at each other across the field. The referee had to stop the game to issue a warning to both coaches; but the cursing continued after the game.  Each coach was cautioned for Unsporting Behavior for cursing with opposing coach and Dissent for protesting calls made by the referee during a game. Both coaches appeared before the A&D committee and were put on probation for the remainder of the Spring season and the Fall season. Any future incidents will result in a two game suspension and additional sanctions. The coaches have agreed to the above sanctions.
  • Coach Misconduct to Referee.   A U11G coach was cautioned for continued dissent with referee calls.  The coach appeared before the A&D committee and was given a one game suspension and probation for the remainder of the season.  The sanctions were accepted by the coach and the game suspension has been served. 

2007-2008 Selected Disciplinary Actions:

  • Coach Misbehavior to Coach.  Both coaches of a U10 game were found to have engaged in misbehavior concerning verbal confrontation and have been sanctioned for such action with future games to be monitored.  Sanctions were accepted and monitoring completed.
  • A&D Sanctions Ignored.  Coach who ignored prior A&D sanctions attempted to re-register as a coach and was refused due to unsatisfied A&D sanctions.  After a second A&D hearing, the Coach was required, as a condition to reinstatement as a coach, to (i) comply with previous sanctions, (ii) serve as a field marshal for 1 day, and (iii) acknowledge and advise parents of the jurisdiction of LHSA to regulate and sanction actions of coaches and spectators involved with LHSA.  All sanctions accepted and satisfied and coach re-instated in good standing.
  • Flag Violations.  Numerous coaches were found guilty of failing to return flags to the Concession Stand storage bin as the last "home" team for the day.  The sanctions were accepted and satisfied by all coaches.
  • Coach Misconduct to Referee, Other Coach and lack of Spectator Control.  Coaches were found guilty of improper conduct to the Referee and other Coach and for failure to maintain proper control of Spectators.  Sanctions included (i) 1 game suspension (not to be at park), (ii) serve as field marshal for ½ day, and (iii) communicate apology to parents.
  • Failure to Appear at A&D Hearing.  Coach was called to and failed to appear before A&D Committee hearing for coach misconduct toward Referee and other Coach and lack of Spectator control.  Coach was suspended indefinitely until appearance at A&D hearing and compliance with initial sanctions and any additional sanctions imposed. 

2006-2007 Selected Disciplinary Actions:

  • Illegal Recruiting.  Coach found in violation of recruiting rules and but failed to abide by the punishment set by the LHSA A&D Committee, including the education of coaches and parents regarding illegal recruiting.
  • Illegal Practicing and Recruiting.  Coach found in violation of practicing with a player not on the team roster and in violation of the recruiting rules, and has agreed to the punishment set by the LHSA A&D Committee, including the education of coaches and parents regarding illegal recruiting.
  • Spectator Misconduct to Referee.  Parent found in violation of Code of Conduct, for making statements that diminish the authority of the Referee, as evidenced by the Referee's ejection of the parent from field of play.  Parent put on 1 year probation and prohibited from attending one (1) game.  Parent has agreed to such punishment.
  • Coach Misconduct to Referee.  Coach found in violation of Code of Conduct for making statements that diminish the authority of the Referee and for failure to control parents and spectators.  The LHSA A&D Committee has put the coach on one (1) year probation.  Coach has accepted the probation.
  • Coach Misconduct to Other Coach.  Both coaches were found in violation of Code of Conduct (Art. IV – Responsibility to Officials and Art. VII Game Day and Other Responsibilities) for mid-field verbal confrontation during a mid-game injury stoppage.  Coaches were assessed and accepted game suspensions, field marshalling duties and parent conference/notification.
  • Spectator Misconduct to Player.  Coach found in violation of Code of Conduct for action of a parent in making comments in a menacing voice to an opposing player in a U5 game.
  • Flag Violation.  Numerous coaches were found guilty of failing to return flags to the Concession Stand storage bin as the last "home" team for the day.  The sanctions were accepted and satisfied by all coaches.